About Us

About Us


The mission of Body Tantric Massage is to produce innovation in the art of the erotic massage with a view to providing our clients with the most luxurious services and that’s why it is focused on offering our clients the most complex and sophisticated services. Inspired by divine eroticism, with magic insertions of relaxation massage, exotic, naturist massage, naked erotic massage, sensual massage, and tantric massage, the new Body Tantric Massage collection has been thought to surprise and to dazzle you !
The Best of Professionals


Our massages are the definitive blend of the best traditional  and oriental techniques with our way of understanding physical and emotional pleasure, with greater bodily contact.

We have designed a comprehensive proposal with the idea of getting to create an atmosphere of great eroticism and sensuality. Massage classy and tasteful for him and for her !A temple of pleasures, a sensorial land not yet completely discovered, Body Tantric Massage gives a new definition to the erotic massage pushing the limits, in a fine mixture of sensuality, innocence, intimacy and confidence… an amazing experience !

Selecting our masseuses


When selecting our masseuses, what we principally take into account is their exquisite treatment and elegant behaviour with the clients, their training in massage and their splendid presence .

Every Body Tantric Massage masseuse is a source of inspiration, refinement, seduction; she is devoted only to ravishing your senses…

… always attentive, educated, full of an amazing appeal, our models have been specially selected to arouse you…meet your tempting muse today !

Our models